Victoria Stein was a loving, whimsical, & vibrant woman. She was intelligent, strong, & impassioned against any form of social injustice.

Victoria had a way of inspiring a hopeful outlook in those who had felt no hope. She was a friend to the friendless or the underdog. She offered encouragement and love to those in need even if it was never reciprocated. She was indeed pure of heart. Vicki would walk long distances to bring flowers to cheer someone up. She would bring food to those in need of nourishment. She would also pray with and for anyone. She was a forgiver and a faithful follower of Christ.

Victoria understood the misunderstood as she herself was different. Although she was outspoken and had had her fair share of struggles in life; she maintained a childlike wonder. She appreciated the little things in life, like walks and the park. She loved animals and sweets. She also was an accomplished poet, articulate in speech and in writing.

Vicki’s light still shines even though her body is present with the Lord. All who truly knew and loved her, cherished her. What an honor and privilege to have known someone such as her! She gave without expectation and loved even when she wasn’t loved back. She did unto others as she’d have done unto her.

God bless our “Vickers”! May we live by her example, as she did, with courage and strength, wholeheartedly guided by overwhelming humanity. All the while being ever faithful to God.

Victoria was preceded in death by her beloved father, E. Lee Stein, Sr. and her fiancé, “her handsome prince”, Lee Spence.

She is survived by her daughter, Moira; her brothers, E. Lee, Jr. and Christopher L. Stein (Felicia); mother Geraldine L. Stein; nephew, Brodey L. Stein; close friends, Alexis Spence, Melanie & David June, Theresa Menefee, April & Brian (Spence), Michelle Mackiewicz, Kathy Miller, and countless other family, friends, and church family.

A visitation will be held at 10:00 am on Friday, July 20, 2018 at McCrery & Harra Funeral Home, 3924 Concord Pike, Wilmington, DE 19803. Services will begin at 10:30. Interment will follow at Hickory Grove Cemetery.